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I guess I will rest when I am dead?

Isn't that the saying? We have had a very busy week or 2 around here and we be running a marathon soon for the next 2 weeks! ME??? RUN?? I don't run! LOL

in the past week I have teamed up with and to expand our business! I am so excited on this adventure! I am working on the webpages and blogging at the same time. We also have new car magnet and new jackets that came in and we are just trying to find ways to get my name out there!

It has been a struggle this week, we have applied for a couple of grants to help us with the cost of all this, so everyone have there fingers crossed that something good will come of this! but finding the grant information and to see if we qualify is the real struggle!

On a happier note, in 2 weeks we have a big wedding for our bride Gabby! I can not wait to get my hands dirty with flowers! We have a huge arch that we will be decorating, 7 girls, huge table arrangements, so lets keeping our fingers crossed for good weather for that day too! ( See what I mean? I guess I will rest when I am dead!) BUT I LOVE IT!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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