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What we, your wedding florist, should know from you

Your wedding florist's goal is to create beautiful arrangements that fit both your budget and your vision. There is lot involved, more then you think, to design your wedding flowers. From figuring out how many flowers you need, ordering them, processing the flowers, making sure they survive, arranging them to make stunning arrangements and, delivering them with out a hitch! This is why it is so important to let us know as much information as possible

Here are the "ABC's" to share with your florist to help you get started

Favorite Flowers

Is there a flower or 2 that you really love? Google or look on Pinterest to find out the name of it and also share any other flowers that you really like.


Color Palette

Some couples will provide us with a color scheme to describe their vision. Sometimes when the couple does not know what would look good together, we have a little bit more leeway to help you out.

Wedding Date

This is obviously essential for us to know. We would never want another wedding to conflict with your special day. Plus, the date is important so we can tell you what flowers are in season.

Wedding Party and Guest Count

We need to know approximately how many guest and tables you will be having so it will be easier for us to know how many flowers we need to order. Also the number in the wedding party plays a big role and we would have to figure out how many corsages and boutonnières need to be ordered. There is a whole list your florist will ask you.

The Venue and Seating Plan

If your florist has not worked with your venue before, we might want to visit the site or know the website so we can see pictures of it. Final count of tables will come later on but approximate is ideal to start. Don't forget there will be other areas of the venue you may want to decorate including buffet tables guest book table, the cake and more.

Wedding Attire and Style

What are you and your future partner wearing? Describe your wedding day, what is your vision? Provide pictures of venues and flower bouquets from Pinterest, if you can.

The Budget

Do you have an idea of what your dream wedding will cost? About 8-10% is spent on flowers and most couples spend from $900-$2,800! We do have some wiggle room but, that depends on the type of flowers you choose. If you are choosing all orchids, expect your prices to be higher. Let your florist know if you have a set budget, so they can consider that for your wedding.


If there is a flower, a scent or a color that you do not like, please share that with us! This is why it is important for you to do a little bit of homework on flowers, so we are not playing a guessing game.


If you or anyone in your wedding party has allergies to certain flowers, let us know. One of two things can happen.

1. Don't use the flower or

2. It's your wedding day and you love those flowers so have them take an allergy pill. No one wants the bride or the bridal party to have puffy eyes for the pictures.

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